On my blog a new recipe. Cheesecake — a very light, tasty and tender.


For the dough:

Half Cup of flour — about 150-160 grams,

Teaspoon baking powder,

Half a Cup of sugar,

100-125 g butter slivochnogo,


450-500 grams of fat cottage cheese,

half a Cup of sugar,

0,75-1 Cup sour cream

Vanilla sugar — one teaspoon

Eggs — three pieces.

Raisins. Instead of raisins you can isplzovat chopped dried fruit


1. Pre-softened butter triturated with sugar.Mix the flour with the baking powder and add the mixture into the oil.

2. Gently mix all the ingredients manually. We would get a little flour — what you need (dough). Next, mash with a fork the cottage cheese. You can wipe it in a blender.

3. Add shredded cheese to the egg yolks and sour cream, mix everything. Whisk whites with sugar until you get a firm foam. The tilting of the Cup should not leak. Combine and gently mix cottage cheese with beaten egg whites.

4. On a baking sheet or in the form put 2/3 of the dough. On top of it spread protein-cottage cheese, this also put the remaining dough.

5. Pie going in the oven (temperature 180 gr.) 25-30 minutes.

6. More nimble chefs to make a pie with plums, apples or cherries. Cut the slices of plum fruit should be sprinkled with powdered sugar, and top, as in our recipe, 1/3 of the test. Same with cherry, only the bones it is better to remove.

Bon appetit.

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