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Cream of potato soup with celery


Friends! You know that soups are very useful: they are lightweight, quick to ripen in the cold season, quickly absorbed by the body. The chicken broth has substances that facilitate the patient’s condition colds. While the first dish is always less calories than steamed or fried, the nutritional value is not inferior to them. Moreover, […]

Ear of wild pink salmon recipe with photos


Let’s try a new recipe: soup with salmon. In my family this dish is a delicacy called, all asking for more time to prepare.   Ear of wild pink salmon recipe with photos

Soup-puree of cauliflower the recipe with photos


How do you feel about the soup? If you love, for you a recipe with a photo of soup with saffron and cauliflower. This dish is also called soup-karpilov.

Soup with melted cheese recipe with photos


I recommend to cook the soup of melted cheese. It can be served with savoury baguettes, it’s also delicious with sliced baguette. How to make soup with melted cheese? Here you will find a soup of melted cheese.

Red Borsh recipe with photos


The home version of the soup. How to cook red borsch? Offer you a simple recipe for red borscht with step-by-step photos.