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Meat Solyanka

Friends! Today we will prepare Solyanka meat. Believe me, the dish is very tasty!

Soup of Ukrainian cuisine

Today we will prepare a soup of Ukrainian cuisine. I think that this is a dish you will enjoy

Soup of Russian cuisine

Soup puree of leek

Today we must prepare a soup from leek. Just want to note that the dish diet, low-calorie. Useful for people wanting to get rid of extra pounds.

Cream soup with shiitake mushrooms


Do you like mushrooms? On our table quite often this wonderful product. The soup, which suggest you, you can cook any mushrooms: champignons, chanterelles or oyster mushrooms. But keep in mind that the most delicious soup with shiitake happens. Flavored cream soup served before dinner, he nasylaet and warm, enough calorie to eat less at […]