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Salad Waldorf of American cuisine


Waldorf salad is an American salad with sour-sweet apples, cut into thin strips. It also includes a stem or root celery, walnuts. The dressing consists of mayonnaise and mustard (you can use lemon juice with Cayenne pepper). You can prepare salad with raisins or fresh grapes, hazelnuts or walnuts. Original salad to complement the dinner […]

Black radish in cooking, salad of Uzbekistan


And now I propose to you a unique recipe of the Salad of Uzbekistan», which will be an excellent decoration of any holiday table.Leading chefs know well that the combination of white and black is classic elegance. Because under the skin the black color of the radish flesh is white. Usually the dish is served […]

Meat salad «shabu shabu» recipe with photos


I have prepared for you today a new recipe for meat salad «shabu shabu«. I hope everyone will like. Home away from it all happy.

Salad with sprats


Let us prepare we are today original dish salad with sprats.

Salad «Caprese»


Salad «Caprese»