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Turkey stew


Will now prepare a new dish — braised Turkey. We all know how delicious Turkey meat. And if we properly prepare it, then… Turkey stew

Nests made of chicken mince


I think that you do not ever try this dish: «Nests» stuffed with chicken. Try this unforgettable taste! Nests made of chicken mince

Chicken baked with eggplant


I hope my new recipe: chicken baked with eggplant, you will like it. The combination of chicken with eggplant give the dish a special aroma and taste. Chicken baked with eggplant

Chicken gizzards, stewed in sour cream


On the blog a new recipe. If you like chicken gizzards, stewed in sour cream, then you are welcome. This is for you! Chicken gizzards, stewed in sour cream

Pozharsky cutlets


Pozharsky cutlets