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Casserole chicken Mexican


Today, try a delicious casserole with chicken, green chili, corn bread, three kinds of cheese and spicy sauce. The dish is cooked very easily, but the result is stunning. We will only have to cook the chicken, prepare the sauce, mix all the ingredients and put it in the oven. Mexican casserole served at dinner […]

Chicken with peaches, capers, rice, and American kitchen


Friends, this recipe is so good that it utilizes a slow cooker, and the kitchen to a minimum is a mess. Recipe with chicken is very simple. Chicken priobretaet exotic flavor thanks to capers, white wine and peaches. But boiled rice is an excellent side dish to it.

Sharp roast with chicken hearts and potatoes


Do you like chicken? Today we will prepare a wonderful dish — roast with chicken hearts and potatoes.

Baked chicken with vegetables recipe with photo


Baked chicken with vegetables, poshagovoe cooking delicious dishes  

Roast Turkey with vegetables


Roast Turkey with vegetables detailed recipe