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Thin potato pancakes

Potato is the main ingredient of many dishes. But probably you did not get to try the thin potato pancakes?

Lazy dumplings in 30 minutes

Today we will prepare lazy dumplings. And on all about all will leave no more than half an hour. But the dish is very tasty — yum.

Brazilian cheese bread


Offer to cook Brazilian cheese bread. It has a exclusive taste, nutritious and good for health.

«Peaches» from mashed potatoes and stuffing

For peaches, the main ingredient is mashed potatoes. Puree to cook is not difficult: you need to boil a few potatoes with the peel (in uniform).

Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes recipe with photo


And you know, everything of genius is simple solution. This refers to our today’s recipe — Bruschetta with tomatoes. This popular Italian appetizer — delicious and simple to prepare. Will posites a little and you will not regret it!