Cake marshmallow

We all love cake. But it seems to me that you haven’t tried marshmallow cake, the recipe of which I want to introduce to you.

cake marshmallow

Cake marshmallow


Cream 35% fat content — 1 liter
Fruits — fresh strawberries, bananas, kiwi.You can add canned peaches.
Zephyr 3-4 packs on a large cake; small — 2 pack.I usually used Sharmel, as well as two varieties — vanilla and creme brulee

Fresh strawberry

Kiwi and bananas



Whisk in large bowl until a thick cream condition, it takes about 3-5 minutes. But you have to be careful not to turn them in the oil.
Wash and peel fruit, bremm kiwi.

Now we begin the process of laying:

1.Double Severini divided into two parts, cut each lengthwise and laid in the dish the first layer.

2.Lubricates the layer of richly whipped cream.

3.Put fruits and berries pre-cropped circles.

4.Again, liberally lubricated cream.

5.Return to step No. 1.

Put first layer of cake

The second layer

Repeat to stack the layers until all the ingredients. At the end of the marshmallow put the cake in the fridge

Bon appetit!

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Cake marshmallow ready

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