Cabbage rolls


Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls Stuffed cabbage is one of the signature dishes of my mother, I grew on them. To beat the mother, of course, impossible, but I swear, today the cooking gods were on my side, and the cabbage rolls turned out just awesome, not as mom’s.

Like all the popular classic dishes such as soup or pilaf, stuffed cabbage there are many options, and each prepares it differently. I don’t pretend to be expert «cabbage rolls», just a good old family recipe that we like.

These cabbage rolls are characterized by small size (not like my mom and a huge «cabbage rolls-sandals»), and we usually simmer them in a large amount of vegetable gravy.


600 g mixed or pure minced pork
half a Cup of rice
2 medium onions
1 small head of cabbage (if you want a neat «mini-cabbage rolls, the cabbage should be really small)
3 medium carrots
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 jar of tomatoes in own juice (or same amount of chopped fresh tomatoes)
1 tbsp tomato paste
half a Cup of broth or water (I added the broth, but no photo)
salt and pepper to taste
sour cream for filing

Cabbage rolls

Wash rice and boil in one glass water until half done, about 10 minutes.

Cabbage rolls

Porirua half of the onion in a food processor or grind in a meat grinder.

Cabbage rolls

In a bowl, mix the ground beef, the cooled rice, onion puree. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Cabbage rolls

At cabbage head cut off the «tip» and make a few incisions around the stalk as shown in the pictures.

Cabbage rolls5

A large pot filled with water about a third, bring to a boil, reduce fire to small and put in a pot of cabbage. Gradually, as the softening of the leaves, separate them using forks layer by layer, and keeping in water for about one minute, remove to a plate. Do not boil the leaves too long, just need a little to soften them, so it was easy to wrap the meat.

Cabbage rolls6

Even in such a small head turns a whole mountain of leaves.
On the external side of the leaves, if necessary, carefully cut away the thickening.

Cabbage rolls7

Put the stuffing next to a narrow side of the sheet.

Cabbage rolls8

Neatly tucking into the envelope.

Cabbage rolls9

Today cabbage rolls are wrapped and I have kept the shape is just perfect, not sprawling, not rushed and were worthy of a demonstration at VDNKH as perfect samples of art Golubtsova 😉

Cabbage rolls10

The remaining onions finely chop. Carrots three on a grater or cut into thin semicircular slices.

Cabbage rolls11

In a large skillet, in hot oil lightly sortable onions and carrots over medium heat until soft, four minutes.

Cabbage rolls12

Add tomatoes and tomato paste and cook another two minutes. I’m still at the last moment added a bit of dried parsley.

Cabbage rolls13

In a large cast iron roasting pan on the bottom put about a third of the vegetable contents.

Cabbage rolls14

Put the cabbage rolls.

Cabbage rolls15

On top lay the remaining vegetables, pour into a roasting pan half a Cup of water or broth and cook on VERY low heat under a lid for about 45 minutes — hour. The gravy only needs very lazily poboljsati. 5 minutes until cooked sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. You can also add straight to the pan a couple of tablespoons of sour cream to soften the texture and taste of cabbage.

Cabbage rolls16

Serve with sour cream, and if you like, with good bread.

Cabbage rolls17

Not very loving Russian cuisine husband ate 6 pieces! I highly recommend this dish for feeding the «hungry man» :)

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