Burrito recipe with photos


Burrito is a popular dish in Mexican cuisine. Today we will prepare the house Burrito with bean filling

Burrito recipe with photos


Burrito recipe with photos


Turkey fillet 300 g

Tortilla 5 pieces.

Garlic cloves 2 PCs.

4 fresh cilantro sprigs

Ground chili pepper 2 g

Chicken broth 150-200 ml.

Yellow sweet pepper 1 PC.

Cumin (Jeera) 3 g


Red beans in juice

Tomato puree 150 g

Corn oil 40 ml


1. In the photo below you can see all the necessary ingredients. We can fillet instead of Turkey, use chicken. Similarly, you can experiment with spices.
It is possible that in your city there are no commercially available ready-made tortillas. You can easily bake. In extreme cases, use pita bread.

Ingredients for Burritos

2. Now we will prepare stuffing for Burritos. Cut into thin strips and fry meat on the heated with oil pan. Add kidney beans and garlic. Do not forget to remove the liquid from the tins of beans.

Meat fillet, beans and garlic in a frying pan

3. Season with salt and pepper, throw strips of yellow pepper and fry for 2-3 minutes. Now add the broth, I usually add two ladle of the fragrant of freshly prepared broth.

Sprinkle with salt and leave on the fire to stew 10 minutes without a lid. In the end add tomato sauce and fresh cilantro. After 3-5 minutes, the filling for the Burrito is ready!

Filling for burrito

4. The finishing touch to a Burrito recipe. Wrap the filling with beans in tortillas and serve flavorful, beautiful and delicious envelopes.
Bon appetit!

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Burrito recipe with photos


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