Broth meat recipe with photos


Health vsegda need meat broth. To make it easy, although in my recipe there are some nuances, which I will tell you and show photos.

Broth meat recipe with photos


Broth meat recipe with photos


Meat 300 g

garlic 2 cloves

Tubular bone 1 PC.

Parsley root, 1 PC.

Carrot 1 PC.

Onions 1 PC.


1. In the recipe I used beef, so the broth tastes better. The pieces of meat, choose those that are suitable for jelly. Bone with meat too, beef.

Meat with bones for the broth

2. It would seem, why we need vegetables in beef broth?! The culinary experience has shown that the broth no veggies — no soup at all. Main vegetables are the root of parsley, onion, celery and carrots. To them I added garlic, a Bay leaf, greens, peas of black pepper and green onions.

Vegetables for meat stock

3. Thoroughly washed under running water and meat, the same applies to vegetables. Greens make a bundle. Put it all into a clean saucepan and pour cold water. Without closing the lid, put on high heat and wait for boil.

All the ingredients are beef broth fill with water

4. After boiling reduce to a minimum the fire and pick up from the surface of the foam. Then put the lid and cook until the meat is ready.

Do not add salt because the broth will need for other meals, and we don’t know how much salt you need. Now get out of the pan meat and bone.

Filter the broth and leave it to cool on the stove. Salted meat, we can eat it, and knock the brains from the bone and put on bread. This is a great sandwich — try it!
Bon appetit!

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Broth meat recipe with photos

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