Brazilian cheese bread


Offer to cook Brazilian cheese bread. It has a exclusive taste, nutritious and good for health.

Brazilian cheese bread

Brazilian cheese bread


Chicken egg — 3 PCs
Salt — 1 tsp
Milk — 200 g
Tapioca starch — 450 g
Olive oil — 100 g
Cheese — 200 g


1. In a small container mix olive oil, salt, and milk. Bring mixture to a boil and finally add in small portions tapioca.

If by hand was not an exotic starch, use corn starch. To gne lumps, stir constantly.

Remove the billet from the heat and add the cheese tempty. At each stage do not allow the formation of lumps — the mixture should be the most homogeneous.

After cooling of the workpiece, makes it small balls. Baking cooking regular baking pan or any cookie cutters.

Preparation for a Brazilian bread

2. Molds or baking sheet with the Brazilian cheese bread bake in the oven preheated to 200 degrees. Readiness we define at the ruddy crust on the surface of the bread.

The baking process lasts no more than 30 minutes. You cannot open the oven to check the availability, because the balls can lose its original shape and taste quality deteriorates.

Bake bread

3. You can for the future to prepare the dough for the Brazilian bread. It does not lose its flavor even after freezing. Put in the freezer in the form of a pellet or a briquette.

After defrosting in a few minutes the dough will be send in the oven. Bon appetit!

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The bread is ready. Welcome to the table

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