Black radish in cooking, salad of Uzbekistan


And now I propose to you a unique recipe of the Salad of Uzbekistan», which will be an excellent decoration of any holiday table.Leading chefs know well that the combination of white and black is classic elegance.

Because under the skin the black color of the radish flesh is white.
Usually the dish is served as-is, and the shading for the subtlety of flavor you can add a couple drops of lemon juice and olive oil.

Salad of Uzbekistan

Black radish in cooking

Salad ingredients

1.One large black radish
2.300 grams of veal
3.One head red onion
4.Four boiled eggs
5.A bunch of parsley
6.One pomegranate
7.Two sheets of Laurel
8.A few peas black pepper


Drop the veal into a pot of boiling water. Add salt, Bay leaf and black pepper peas. Cook until cooked on the fire, medium size with the lid closed.
Wash and clean radish, cut it in thin sticks, but it is better to RUB it on special grater for Korean cooking carrots in Korean.
Peel the onion, cut it into rings and fry until Golden brown on any vegetable (preferably olive) oil.

Purified from the shell boiled eggs and cut them coarsely. Preferably veal cut into cubes. Mix in a bowl chopped parsley, black radish, boiled veal, onion and eggs. Dressed the salad with mayonnaise and again mix all the ingredients.

Before serving, sprinkle salad with parsley and pomegranate sername.

Bon appetit!

Eat health and stay healthy!

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