Bartenders Should Use Cream Chargers & Soda Chargers to Make a Difference

If you are a professional bartender or just entering into your career of becoming a bartender, then let me tell you that there are many ways that you can be creative in making cocktails and mocktail drinks. And one of the best ways is to use a cream charger dispenser, though it might sound awkward, but it is one of the latest creative ways which many bartenders are using to make fresh cocktails and mocktail drinks. So, for you it is a must have tool in your little bar. Cream dispenser and chargers are one of the best methods in which you can create fluffy foam on top of your drink, which will alter the taste of the drink and make the drink more satisfying. 

Difference between CO2 Charger & N2O Cream Charger 

There are two types of cream chargers which are available. One is the N2O base cream charger and other is the CO2 base cream chargers. Most of the bartenders use a CO2 based soda chargers as it used for making creating foam in the drinks. But now bartenders have also started using cream chargers which are used for making a fluff cream over the mocktail and cocktail drinks. There are different sites from where you can purchase the cream charger. At they stock a range of nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers and cream canisters.

Cream chargers are one of the most environment friendly products. It is also recommended that you get high quality cream chargers. Plus, there are many different types of fruit flavored cream chargers that are available in the site and you can buy those cream chargers and use it in flavoring cocktails and mocktails, and one of the best all time favorite flavor is the fresh mint which suits with all kinds. Apart from that cream chargers are mostly used by pastry chefs. 

Get a Quality Cream Charger 

The cost of the flavored cream chargers is a bit expensive so if you have to spend it out of your pocket it can be a costly affair, so whichever hotel you are working at just ask the owner to provide for the cream chargers. The cream chargers are made of pure steel. It is also suggested that you purchase a high quality Belgium/France made cream chargers. Many Australian sites have this product. These cream chargers can be used by bartenders in many creative ways. 

Cream Chargers for the Barista 

One of the best ways the cream chargers can be used is in the cafes. It is one of the best tools for the barista to make a unique hot coffee and hot chocolate drinks. Also, you can use it at your home when you make coffee or chocolate drink. So, purchase the cream chargers from a good site and you can also get it at an affordable rate. But again it is suggested that you don’t buy a plain cream charger, buy a fruit flavored cream charger. It will blend well with your coffee and hot chocolate drinks. The different flavors of cream chargers which are available are blueberry, raspberry, fresh mint, etc. 

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