13 secrets of cooking meat


13 secrets of cooking meat


13 secrets of cooking meat

Check out my secrets for cooking meat.

Is it possible to soften tough meat?

Where to store meat, if there is no fridge?

What are the best marinades for meat?

What time is best to salt the meat?

As half an hour to marinate the meat for kebabs?

The secret first. Boiled meat will be flavorful, juicy and tender, if you cook it in one piece. You need a soft crumbly meat? Then boil it for at least one hour (pork) and two hours (veal).

The secret of the second. After washing the meat before butchering him a good Pat dry with paper towel. This is to ensure that the meat does not slip out of hands when cutting and laying in a meat grinder. And dried meat is easy and fast to cut.

The secret of the third. Tough old meat you can mitigate by using the following technology:

1. Leave the meat for several hours in whole milk;

2. To break a piece of meat in mustard powder and promarinovatsya about 11-12 hours;

3. Now wash off the mustard running cold water;

4. Cook meat in pan with water and a banana peel;

5. You can still pour in one table spoon of white vinegar;

6. Marinade the meat in a container with dry white wine by half with mineral water, highly carbonated.

7. Can be used as a marinade soy sauce.

The fourth secret. The meat will soften considerably and he will have a beautiful crispy crust, if before roasting, soak in water with starch.

The secret of the fifth. Stew meat will be flavorful, tender and if in the middle of cooking pour one tablespoon of vinegar and two tbsp. of dry house wine (preferably pink).

The secret of the sixth. Beef cutlet and meat should be fried in a hot pan with any oil and for the entire period of cooking flip only once.

The secret seventh. So salt is not deprived of juicy meat, add it at the end of cooking.

The secret of the eighth. Get a delicious flavorful crust, if before grease sauté the meat on all sides with sour cream.

The secret of the ninth. Lemon improves the taste of meat products. Pour lemon juice on your steak, treat pieces of meat before frying. You can even fry the meat, together with lemon, without removing the peel.

The tenth secret. Oil the grill grate and heat the fat before laying pieces of meat so that it gets in and doesn’t stick to metal.

The eleventh secret. The meat will be juicier and tastier. To do this, after removing it from the oven properite over a saucepan of boiling water.

The secret of the twelfth. Marinade the barbecue meat you can for half an hour. To this end you will need one kiwi. Salt the pieces of meat, season, add onion rings and shredded into pulp the peeled fruit kiwi.

The secret thirteenth to the latter. The meat you could briefly stored outside the refrigerator: Naturita good from all sides of the meat with half a lemon and leave in a cool place, no closing.

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