Unusual pea soup


Unusual pea soup

Unusual pea soup

New recipe: a delicious variation of pea soup

There is light at the many ways to cook pea soup. However, being a cook, I love to experiment: vary the ingredients, add my favorite spices and seasonings.
Today I will show you how to soup you can add potatoes.


Unusual pea soup1

So, the ingredients:

Unusual pea soup2

Smoked ribs0.5 kg.;

Bay leaf;

2 carrots;

1 Cup peas;

Onionsone onion;

Green onions;

Any seasonings, pepper and salt.


Divide the ribs and cut the flesh. Bone fill with boiling water, put it on the stove, add the lavrovka and bring to a boil.

Cut the pulp and put it separately.

Unusual pea soup3

When the water boils, immediately visypak in a pot of peas. Before that I washed and left in water for 15 minutes. Now salt, pepper and you can add at your discretion spices. I added black and red pepper. Don’t forget that almost all men love spicy food. And yet — parsley and dill.

Unusual pea soup4

We cut the onions, grind the carrot, fry them in butter, add water and simmer. After 5 minutes perekidyvaem in the pan with the flesh from the ribs and cook until done — 3-4 minutes.

Unusual pea soup5

It is time to shift all of our beauty to the pot. I got it when I was ready peas.

Unusual pea soup6

And here is the potato arrived. Cut it in cubes and in a hot pan with sunflower oil, fry until Golden crust.

Unusual pea soup7

Potatoes sent to the other ingredients in the soup, bring to a boil. The soup is ready!

Bon appetit!

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